US Boat Accident Statistics (Infographic)


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Although large fishing boats, cargo ships, liners, jet boats, cruise ships and other recreational vessels are a relatively safe means of transportation accidents with them do happen on a daily basis around the US. The United States Official Boating Code tries to limit the number of boating accidents or other personal injury hazards as much as possible but the official 2011 statistics show that there are still a high number of boat accident death cases. The factors causing them are not much different than the factors causing other accidents, requiring personal injury legal aid and a financial compensation.

In order to present you some shocking facts about the number of boat and ship accidents reported, 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE has prepared a detailed infographic presenting an account on the official statistic data about the combined number of boating accidents in the main sailing and fishing areas of Alaska, California, Florida, Maine, New York and many more.