Self Litigation vs. Hiring a Lawyer (Infographic)


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Very often negligence victims consider that the local law firms that provide elite legal consultation and skillful personal injury litigation apply astronomical legal fees for their services. That is the main reason why injured individuals take the challenge to litigate themselves alone, although they have no legal knowledge in the negligence tort law field.

The Pro Se legal representation, in fact, is not so uncommon, as during the fiscal year 2010-2011, more than 37% of the civil cases were reported to have been taken care of by the plaintiffs themselves. However, according to the infographic, prepared by the claims management company 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE, case defence without using a legal representation of a skillful attorney is not an approach that guarantees the highest financial results, especially when we speak about the personal injury ones, where the fault of another party has to be proved appropriately.

Here are the main arguments to help you make up your mind if you have decided to save finances by cutting your legal service expenses:

  1. Lawyers have the proper education and possess knowledge about all the specific tort laws in California, while you only have a law book or two that you have studied for a week.
  2. Attorneys that have been in the legal services business for quite a while have a lot more experience than you in dealing with court procedures and litigation.
  3. A solicitor can start the investigation and the evidence collection procedure on your behalf right after the accident took place, while you commonly have to wait until you recover and get physically fit again, in order to deal with all the legal procedures and fill in the necessary paperwork. Unfortunately, when dealing with accident cases the longer you wait to file for a personal injury compensation, the slimmer your chances to obtain one get.
  4. A lawyer will know more tricks to win you a higher compensation, while you will most probably settle with the first offer that the insurance company presents to you.

It’s never a wrong investment to spend a little money on legal services. You will win times more afterwards. Have a closer look at our infographic and learn why!