In a Car Accident, Now What? (Infographic)


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Car collisions do happen on the US highways and rural roads on a daily basis, so you should be definitely prepared with the basic information about how you need to act, in case you accidentally get involved in one. This is why the specialists from the claims management company 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE, that deals with redirecting road negligence victims to reputed personal injury car collision attorneys, have prepared the following infographic describing the process in brief.

If you have a closer look at it you will discover that the main actions that should be taken in order for you to get medical aid, file a claims report and get financially reimbursed from the insurance company of the party at fault are:

  • to check the medical condition of the parties involved in the car accident and call an ambulance, if necessary
  • to call the police and assist them to prepare an accident report
  • to exchange contact and vehicle information with the other parties involved
  • to acquire written or taped statements from the accident witnesses
  • to call your insurance company for an assessment of the damages
  • to contact a road negligence lawyer and get legal aid
  • to picture the accident scene and collect all the other evidence that you can find on site proving the guilt of the other driver