How to Protect Ourselves from Motorcycle Accidents

How to Protect Ourselves from Motorcycle Accidents

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  1. America Has Always Been My Favorite and I feel that It’s Very Important To be Safe and others too.This Website Really Gives a lot of Information.

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The wearing of personal protective motorcycle equipment in the US is not mandatory but should be, as every year thousands of Americans suffer a physical injury caused by the negligent driving of another driver or themselves. Or in other words, there are many motorcycle collision victims that get hurt because of not wearing protective clothes and helmets .

By taking a closer look at the infographic that the claims management company 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE has prepared  for you, you will be able to follow the tendency of injuries and fatality cases between the year 1994-2010 and the percentage of death cases caused by negligence driving collisions. This figures, of course, do not show how many of them were taken to a courtyard level and handled by road negligence tort law attorneys.

A full motorcycle equipment or an ATV (all terrain vehicle) equipment most commonly includes:

  • Armor –  It mainly includes foam panels fitted into the shoulders and elbows,  as well as the back, hips and knees of motorcycle PPE clothing. There are also some separate protectors typically designed for the chest and back. They are normally worn under the rider’s clothing.
  • A protective headgear  - a helmet to protect the rider’s head during the ride
  • Gloves made of leather – they serve mainly to protect the wrists of the riders
  • Clothing constructed of man-made textiles or leather one-piece suits, or two-piece jackets with trousers
  • Protective boots

A full set of protective ATV and motorcycle rider’s equipment is worth about $1000. So make sure to get it on time and wear it all the time! Your life and the life of the other drivers around you is worth a lot more!