Distracted Driving: Men vs. Women


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Who is the winner in the debate?
The eternal dispute who is a more careful driver men or women will never lose its topicality. Of course, there will never be a winner as well. Unfortunately, in this endless conflict people concentrate more on the battle between the sexes and pay very little attention on the shocking facts about drivers’ distraction which is actually the important topic.

Distracting factors
Many young and adolescent drivers get distracted while driving and cause motor-vehicle accidents as a result of that. Here is the list of the most common factors that influence the male and female’s concentration on the road:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or sedative medicine
  • Texting and talking over the phone while driving
  • Having an animal, a baby or a young child in the car
  • GPS navigation
  • Shaving or applying makeup while driving

Various research and survey statistical results point that women, however are more distracted by the GPS navigation and the kids, at the back seat, while men seem not to be paying enough attention to the road situation when they eat, drink or text.

The litigation
No matter how careful you are behind the wheel, distraction accidents do happen, because of other driver’s negligence. In such cases regardless of the reason that caused the collision if you can present evidence that another party was at fault for the injuries you have sustained, you have the legal right to request to be compensated by the respective insurance company. To cut the process short and finish quickly with all the legal procedures you better get some professional legal aid. When you need help finding one, 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE! can introduce you to the best accident injury lawyer in no time or redirect you to a reputed law firm in your area.