Accidental fatalities caused by drunk drivers (Infographic)

Accidental fatalities caused by drunk drivers (Infographic) 855-WIN-THE-CASE

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When speaking about negligence accidents resulting in a mild or severe personal injuries, motor-vehicle road incidents hold a relatively big share in the United States. Official statistic data shows that one third of them, surprisingly, are caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, which is a quite a shocking number even for a country with millions of commuters daily. Even more shocking comes the number of 13 000 Americans that are fatally hurt as a result of such events, every year.

Although the US state traffic codes are strict and many detoxicated drivers have had their licences suspended by the DUI, more than 50% of them still continue driving illegally on a daily basis. According to NHSTA, alcohol-impaired driving of automobiles, buses, trucks or motorcycles is mainly due to the high percentage of daily consumption of beer in the USA.

Regardless of the circumstances under which a vehicle collision occurred, all victims of drunk drivers and their negligence are eligible to obtain a personal injury compensation. That can be easily done with the expert help of a reputed attorney. If you need to get redirected to one quickly, 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE can help you with useful contact information of skillful California lawyers free of charge.